Thursday, February 18, 2010

Mission Accomplished

The kitchen project is finally finished! It took a day longer than I expected, but that's not too bad all things considered.It took a coat of dark primer and three coats of paint to cover. I also decided to paint a built in cabinet that was white and didn't show up very well. I have to admit I had an exhausted mommy melt down somewhere in the middle as well. There's nothing a good cry can't fix. You know, sometimes those big girl panties just don't fit! All in all I'm very happy with the results. It's amazing how color can change the whole feel of a room.


  1. I love the red color! Great transformation! Mommy melt downs are normal. You will have a few more before he turns one. Just hang in there :)

  2. I love it!! I love red. I may have to check that color red out for my dining room.