Monday, June 28, 2010

1/2 A Year Already?

Bath Time in the Big Tub

The Funniest Guy You Know and the Best Daddy

Sitting With Your Best Bud

It seems impossible, but you are 6 months old today Baby B. What an amazing six months we have had! You are growing so big, about 18 lbs., and have such a fun personality. You have days that you laugh at everything, including every funny face mommy made yesterday. I love to hear your deep giggle when we tickle your chin or legs. You have a head of fuzzy reddish hair, and bright blue eyes. You're at the Michelin Man stage, with rolls aplenty.

I think your best birthday gift today was a cancelled doctor's appointment. You didn't have to have your day ruined by immunizations. Instead, you spent the day out with Mommy and Daddy. We went to lunch at Connor's, Mommy's favorite, then did a little shopping for you at Gymboree. After a few other errands, we stopped by Walmart. Daddy decided you needed a toy for the big day, and he helped you pick out a couple. I know you will love both the big ball, because it moves, and the funny noisy elephant. You love anything that moves, makes noise, lights up, has velcro, or has a tag. We went swimming tonight and had friends stop by. Unfortunately, you also had your first bump on the head tonight. You were sitting on the floor and tried to turn around but instead fell over and into the side of a cabinet. That was the first time you have gotten hurt, and you cried like never before. Luckily, you are ok and a little Mommy love dried those tears. We are going to continue the festivities tomorrow by having pictures taken on the farm.

This month you have begun to sit all by yourself, and you enjoy sitting and playing in your room for short times while Mommy is out of sight. You have become very social and love to meet new people. So far nothing really scares you or bothers you. You are very laid back and take most everything in stride. You are enjoying baths in the big tub now. Your favorite part is being rinsed by the hand held shower. You are very inquisitive, and love to take in everything when you enter a new place. You often have an expression of awe, with your mouth open and your eyes staring. Our days are filled with fun: playing on the floor, singing songs, reading books, swimming, and visiting with friends are a few recent favorites. You are loving eating new foods. Of the applesauce, pears, sweet potatoes, and bananas you have tried, the only thing you didn't like was applesauce. Drinking your bottle is still your favorite pasttime, but you are doing pretty well drinking water from a sippy cup as well. A few other firsts this month include: concerts in the park in Huntsville, Memorial Day, Rowe family reunion, Father's Day, an ear and eye infection, swim party, surprise birthday party, solid foods, visit with Mawmaw (Daddy's step-grandmother), a Stars baseball game, having your friend Lily over to our house for a swim date, and going to the Waynicks' (Mom's childhood friend's) to play. The only activity you don't really enjoy right now is sleeping, alone at least. You will still nap in your swing ok, but nights are hard. It takes several tries to get you to stay asleep at bedtime, and then you are usually back up around 2or 3. You aren't hungry, but you want company. A tooth is about to pop through those gums of yours, and I hope that will help you to sleep again. Right now, I have to admit, Mommy and Daddy's bed is the only solution we have agreed on.

We are starting to prepare for your next stages, and our next stage as a family. You want to crawl so bad, and I know it won't be long. I've started putting your play quilt in the living room and letting the dogs explore around you. Wells is your protector and buddy. He is always close by, and even lets you love on him now and then. Soon I have a feeling you will be chasing behind him. Amazingly, neither Wells nor Buster bother your toys. We also bought a big boy carseat. You will need it when Mommy goes back to work, and you stay with Nonna and Miss Bethany. We have also been buying the next clothes for you, because you are quickly out growing your 6/9 months ones. It's so amazing to watch you grow and change, and I look forward to every moment to come.

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  1. Teething is rough...and he will probably continue to get up when he gets a new one (I did that with Aydan until about 18 months). Ethan has been about the same, although now that the first 2 teeth have come in we are sleeping again! :) Not long though and I am back to getting up...just in time for work too :) Oragel and teething tablets have worked miracles. That and the usual teething rings. If he does not like teething rings try wash cloths that have been put in the freezer. Good luck...that is the only advice I have :) Hang in there it does get better!