Sunday, June 13, 2010


That describes our week! It was a good week, with some happy and not so happy surprises. We went to the first concert in the park of the season Monday night. It has become a tradition to go every Monday night during the summer, with a group of friends. It was Brennan's first night, and he loved it. We loved catching up with the gang. Tuesday night we went to Sweet Annie's monthly open house night. Mom had a good turn out, and again we got to catch up with a few friends.

Our first surprise of the week came Wednesday morning. Brennan woke up with a gunky, red eye. We made a visit to Cornerstone Pediatrics, and left with eye drops and lab work. Eventually we learned that B had his first ear infection. I would have never guessed that, but he did start pulling on his ear the same day we finally got the results back. The doctor also said his first tooth is ready to pop through, so that may be the culprit to his ailments. He hasn't acted like he felt bad other than a little fussing at night.

I got to enjoy my new favorite hobby Friday, couponing. I started at CVS where I used the gift cards I had gotten from new prescriptions this week and got a few deals, then to Bath and Body Works with their big sale, then Victoria Secret for a pair of free undies, and finally to Publix to snag a few deals. I love saving money, and especially when it's free. This week we have gotten free razors, free undies, free paint samples, and free Father's Day cards. Fun!

Saturday was the biggest surprise of all! Not to us thank goodness, but to our friend Diana. She is turning 30 this week! We helped to host a surprise party, along with her husband and best friend, at our house. Many of her friends and family came to celebrate with cake and goodies. Some stuck around for swimming and dinner. It was a super day!

Today we attended the Rowe family reunion. I have been going each year in June since I was a baby, and today I got to take my baby. It was a special day for my granddaddy and his cousins as well. They seemed to enjoy reminiscing. Another surprise came after we got home. A friend called to say she is preggo, and due in February. I'm so excited for her! We finished the day off with our small group tonight. But, the surprises kept coming. After we got home and were settling in, I walked out of the kitchen going to give B a bath. I noticed "water" on the floor, but oh no not just water. Wells had not made it outside in time, and so I had the privilege of cleaning the floors again. It's time to call it a night, and say goodbye to another week of summer.

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  1. Sallye - I don't know if you've been here, but the couponing site that I love is (where I go to match coupons in the Sunday news to Publix BOGO deals), and is another good site for those freeby deals :-) Glad you all are doing well. Brennan is adorable - I hope he feels better soon!