Sunday, June 6, 2010

Parties, Pools, and Puddles

We've had a great summer week! It started with a Memorial Day pool party. The rain held off, and several friends, family members, and neighbors showed up for a great time. We had done a lot around the house to get ready for our first big summer gathering, so Tuesday was a little more laid back. We planned to join friends at Bridgestreet that night for an outdoor concert, but rain canceled those plans. The week flew by to Friday. I had planned to have a ladies' swim day then, but since it was suppose to rain and many people were driving a distance to come we canceled that also. As these summer days tend to go, it didn't rain a drop! The sun shined here for most of the afternoon. I spent the afternoon working on projects for Sweet Annie's instead. I've made several more onesies, in larger sizes, and planned a few flag pillows. It will all be ready for a special open house on June 8th. Friday night we finally made it to Bridgestreet. It's hard to believe we used to go there almost every weekend, and this is our first visit since the weather warmed. We've planned to go several times but it has always rained. It rained this time as well, but by the time we finished eating it had cleared. Brennan LOVED Red Robin. He was mesmerized by the sights and sounds. They gave him a balloon, and he continually fell back in his highchair to stare at it. We walked around a little before he got sleepy eyes. Saturday was a fun pool day with friends, and then everyone went out for Mexican. Sunday was much the same. We unfortuneatly missed church because of a time change that I had forgotten. My aunt and uncle and their granddaughters came to swim in the afternoon, and then we went to our small group tonight. We started a new study, 40 Days of Community.

We are gearing up for a busy week this week, with open house at Sweet Annie's and hopefully more pool gatherings. Tomorrow night is the kick-off of Concerts in the Park in Huntsville, our favorite summer night gathering with friends.

As I go through each day, I always have something on my mind. They're just ramblings, but I wonder how many other people do this too. This week it has mostly been my job, and Mike's job. For my job, I'm trying to think of ways to make the most of my time when I won't be working and minimize the outside things that could take that time (cooking, laundry, etc.). I'm finding this therapeatic in some way as I prepare for that change. Any tips? As for Mike's job, I keep wondering about some "coincidences" related to a promotion he had interviewed for a few weeks ago, and the turn of events in the last week which leaves the possibility that he might not have a job as of June 22nd. I think coincidences are part of God's plan, so I'm curious what he has in store for us. It's great to know that I can trust my God to have a perfect plan, far better than any I may try to make.

Happy Summer!

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