Saturday, June 19, 2010

Oh What A Night!

Tonight was date night! Mike and I met a group of friends at The Station for dinner. It had been quite awhile since we had an adult night, and we really enjoyed the live music, good conversation, and cool patio. After dinner, and a few hours of conversation, we all stopped at Maggie Moo's for ice cream before heading home. We went to pick up B and finally got home sometime after midnight, way late for us these days.

I've been battling a double ear infection for most of the week, and after two trips to the doctor am still in pain. As these things go, it is worse at night. By the time we got home I was pretty miserable. I decided to sleep on the sofa at least until the meds kicked in again. After trying to sleep, and getting up to reheat the microwavable heat pack several times, I finally decided to give up and just stay awake. That's when things got interesting! Just as I finished typing a Facebook status the doorbell rang. Yes, the doorbell rang at 2:30 a.m. I sat here a second thinking was that really the doorbell, and knew it really was when Wells came running in barking. Soon both dogs were doing there jobs as security patrol. I crept to the peep hole and found a lady standing there. She looked like something was wrong, and seemed to be talking to someone else. My mind raced with what to do first: open the door-no, get Mike-maybe, get my phone-yes. I looked out again and could still just see her stumbling around, standing up then sitting down. I said to the closed door, "I'll call for help." Mike came in at that moment oblivious to anything that is happening except the dogs barking. I try to quickly explain that this time we want them to keep barking, and I am calling 911 because a lady is on the porch. As you might imagine, he is a little confused, but decides to call himself. After having to explain a couple of times why he is calling, they send a police officer. At this point the lady is just sitting on our front steps. When the officer arrives we hear her tell him that we know she is sitting there and said it was ok. Mike opened the door and stepped out. The lady asked him for help, said she was here because he knows Jesus, and that people were in her house. The officer called for backup. Mike tried to assure her that the police would help, but she kept asking to stay here. As Mike's trying to convince her, and I'm watching through a peep hole in the blinds, the officer is turned around trying not to laugh. They finally convince her to go, and he will check her house out. She took the officers hand and started through the yard. The poor lady was bare foot and could barely walk. Where she came from, how she got to us, and why she picked our porch will remain a mystery I imagine. Mike could tell from the look in her eyes that she was not mentally fit.

After all the excitement, and now the adrenaline rush, my ear is finally feeling better. Maybe we can call it a night before someone's ready to say good morning.

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  1. Wow! Not your normal night. You know how you always want the front of your home to look welcoming, maybe yours is just too inviting. I hope you ear is better and you have a peaceful night.