Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Another One Bites the Dust

The dust is cleared from our master bathroom. It's still small, it's still not perfect, but it is a little more stylish I think. I wish I could find the before, before pictures. When we moved into the house this bath had a short brown toilet, a dingy pedestal sink, a Hollywood style light fixture, a brown blind, and some type of medicine cabinet (I actually don't remember it). To be able to close on the house, we had to have a few repairs done in this bathroom. At that time we added a new toilet, sink and vanity, and painted. That was about a week before we discovered the problems in the master bedroom, and evacuated this whole area for two years. Here is how it rested for those two years:

This go around we put in new flooring, new lights, a mirror, a white blind, and a linen cabinet to replace a laminate one that was in a little nook. I also made a white curtain to hang in front of the shower doors since they are not my favorite. I had plans to take out this shower and the little wall beside it. It would have been replaced with a tile shower and frameless glass enclosure. I think that would really open up the room. Unfortunately, those glass enclosures are a little too pricey for the budget right now. We opted to keep the shower as is, and come back to this room once again later on. It's a little frustrating, but then I just remind myself that I have my dream job right now. It pays even less than my previous dream job, but is a once in a lifetime opportunity so these sacrifices are worth it. Who knows, by the next time we work on this bath we may have an even better plan. I'm pretty pleased with our spruce up. The chandelier is by far my favorite part. I think it turned this bathroom into a sweet little Cinderella.

Paint: Martha Stewart Rainwater mixed in Valspar Kitchen and Bath paint
Vanity: Home Depot
Storage Tower: Target
Mirror, Mirror Light, Faucet, Toilet: Lowes
Towels: T. J. Maxx
Chandelier: Sweet Annie's Antiques
Framed Print: vintage from my great aunt

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