Thursday, April 19, 2012

A Soft Spot

We have a new soft spot in our bedroom, and I got it for a deal. Oh how I love a deal! Did you know that Lowe's clearance price is not necessarily their final price? That's right. If you see one of those little yellow stickers, you can often talk them down from that price. I was looking for a rug to replace the one I had Craigslisted because it didn't really match. Brennan and I were walking through Lowe's one afternoon, passing time and giving him a chance to practice his driving skills, when I spotted this deal. It was rolled up by the other area rugs but had a hold ticket on it. The ticket had a clearance price, and an even better price that someone had haggled. It also said that the rug would be picked up by, let's say, Mary at 5 p.m. It was a few minutes after 5. I asked a worker if it was really still on hold and they said yes. The deal Mary had haggled was the same amount I had sold the other rug for, and it was the exact rug Mike and I had just talked about looking for. I really felt like this was suppose to be my rug. For a second I considered being Mary and walking out with the rug, but soon decided better of it. A couple of days later I decided to stop back by just to check. The rug was still standing there, just waiting for me. After talking to a couple of Lowe's associates, it was mine. Sorry Mary, I hope you didn't come back looking for the rug. But thanks for working the great deal! The plush cream shag is a great contrast to the brown mingled concrete floors. My feet welcome that luxury when they hit the floor each morning.

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