Monday, April 9, 2012

Happy Easter!

I hope everyone  had a blessed Easter! We had a nice family weekend. Saturday morning Brennan and I went to Mom's church for a treasure and egg hunt. They had stations telling the story of Jesus life, death, and resurrection. Brennan liked hammering the cross.

Then the children hunted eggs and had lunch. Brennan was really more into playing than hunting eggs.

Sunday morning he was excited to find his Easter basket. We hadn't talked much about the Easter bunny, and I don't think he ever really understood why I kept saying a bunny had come but he didn't see him. He did really like his new Victor and Harold. Harold now flies around our house saying,"No sign of Thomas!" 

After some play time, we headed to church with Mom. Brennan doesn't go into big church with us anymore, so it had been a while since he had a reason to sit quietly. We had talked a lot about how he would need to stay in his place and be quiet. He was really excited to go to Nonna's church and said he would be good. Well, overall he did pretty good, but not before he made his presence known. During the prayer request, at a time when no one else was saying a word, Brennan dropped his Hiro train and it went under the pew in front of us. He loudly exclaimed, "OH NO!" Everyone laughed, which he of course thought was great! His little personality is just bursting out these days. It's not something I want to quench in the least, but we might need to practice quiet times a little more often.

We had lunch with Mom and Dad, all took naps, and then played outside and planted some flowers. Overall it was a great weekend of celebration.

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