Sunday, June 24, 2012

If You Need To Find Me.....

I'll probably be sitting out here.

This has become my favorite outdoor spot! It is a porch to the barn. It's behind the house, beside the pool, and a great location to keep an eye on a toddler. There are two high powered fans that keep the air cool and the bugs sparse. The furniture is what Mike bought when he proposed in my backyard in Harvest. The little bench/coffee table, tall bird feeder, and side tables are from my grandparents. I'm loving the white impatiens there this year. I don't usually get to sit for long, but I try to stop and sit a bit every day.

This big guy thinks it's a pretty good hangout as well. He turned nine last week, so he's pretty much a master at hanging out.

And this is what I photographed around to make it look all relaxing. Ha! Ha! Actually there was a toddler on a "cell phone", a dog with a Capri Sun pouch, and numerous toys scattered all around. Got to keep it real!

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