Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Independence Day

How are you planning to celebrate on the 4th? We're still finalizing/deciding our plans.It seems kind of tricky with the big day falling on Wednesday.  I think we are going to keep things a little smaller this year and switch up the menu. There will be some key people missing so I kind of want to change it all. For the past three years, we have done BBQ from Southern Hickory. You can't beat that for a crowd. This year I think we may try a shrimp boil. We actually did one a few weeks ago with our supper club and LOVED it. If the pool isn't boiling by then, I'm sure there will be some splish splashing. Maybe we can make it to a fireworks show before we crash!

I love all things Americana in the summer.

 I've added a new red, white, and blue decoration to my stash this year.

I'm in love with pennants right now, and they are so easy to make. I used scrap fabric I had, cut triangles, folded the top over a piece of jute yarn, and sewed a straight line just under the yarn. You could use fabric glue also I think. I made a short one for this cabinet and a longer one that I hang outside. There's just something about red, white, and blue, and summertime! Happy Summer!

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  1. Very cute. I am loving the pennants right now too.