Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Adios Elf

I'm not sure how many years our home will be graced with an elf, so I guess I better write about him while I can.  He arrived the Saturday after Thanksgiving, and showed up DAILY in various spots around the house (except for that one time when he really liked riding the tractor on Brennan's dresser for about 48 hours). He was very creative on a few occasions, but mostly just did the same things someone else's elf had done the night before on Facebook. He seemed to especially like reading books and just hanging out. I didn't get his picture everyday, but did remember some of the time. Brennan did seem to enjoy him more this year. He was given the name Donut, but was mostly referred to as the E. L. F. still between Mike and I. That occurred a lot in late night text message reminders, you know making sure the door was left unlocked for him and all. He departed on Christmas Eve with Santa I think. I'm really not sure, there wasn't a note or anything special. Donut is a real nice guy, it's just hard having a guest in your house DAILY....anyone agree.

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