Thursday, December 5, 2013

Happy and Merry

Happy Thanksgiving (a week late)! We had a fun and busy Thanksgiving weekend around here. Our festivities started on Monday with Brennan's Thanksgiving feast at Pens and Pages. He dressed as an Indian!

On Thanksgiving day we hosted lunch for my extended family, and then dinner for Mike's parents.

Brennan woke up about 4 a.m. Friday very sick with a respiratory infection. It turned out that almost every child who came Thursday was sick by the end of the weekend, and two parents at our house. The Thanksgiving that kept on giving! Mike and I recovered quickly, but it took two trips to the doctor and several days for the B.

That didn't stop him from greeting his elf! Donut, as he is now officially named as of this year, arrived with breakfast on Saturday.

Saturday afternoon Mom, Lucy, the kiddos, and I watched Auburn's amazing last second win over Alabama. Mike escaped to the other side, and mourned with others of his kind :).

The rest of our time was spent gathering greenery on the farm, decorating for Christmas, and mostly giving lots of snuggles.

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