Friday, December 27, 2013

Merry Christmas!

I love the preparation and anticipation of Christmas Eve! We started with making cupcakes for Jesus birthday. Cupcakes are Brennan's favorite part of a birthday celebration, so I thought by making them for Jesus it might make the meaning of Christmas a little more real for him.

Christmas Eve night Mom and our little family went to a communion service at our church. It is such a special way to celebrate our Savior! Brennan had his first communion, which he slurped right down in the otherwise quiet sanctuary :).  We came home and put out the reindeer food. Brennan was adamant that we needed to open the screen on the fireplace and check to make sure Santa could get through!  He and Rowe each opened a gift from one another. Finally, it was bedtime but he was so wound up it took him forever to fall asleep.

Christmas morning Rowe awoke at her usual early hour, and our day started with making breakfast. Around 7, Mike and I couldn't stand it any longer and woke Brennan. He came out very matter of fact and started with his stocking. After pulling out a book and underwear he declared this the best Christmas ever! Ha! Ha!  Seems we could have saved ourselves some money! He wanted us all to open our stockings ( or cost as he called them for weeks, much to our dismay). We had to point out the Patchwork Hiro he asked Santa for. He loved everything, and helped us all open our gifts too! Rowe loved all the excitement from Brennan! After he thought it was all done, we took him in the dining room to see a special gift. His excitement continued all day!

We enjoyed breakfast with Mom and some of our special neighbors, lunch with Mike's family, and supper at my parents. It was a great day of celebration. The grand finale was seeing a shooting star on the way home, a beautiful reminder of God's wonder.

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