Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Happy 4 Months!

14 lbs. 9 ozs.
25 1/2 inches
You've started waking once a night
Eat every 3 hours
Size 2 diapers and 6 monrh clothes

You have had a happy, fun month Rowe! You are laughing and smiling most of the time. You cry if you're hungry or tired. You do fight sleep often! You laugh at Brennan and I all the time, and Daddy more often too. Each day you show a little more of your personality to everyone. You celebrated your first Thanksgiving with two family dinners at our house. You enjoyed parts of the day, and even let everyone pass you around for awhile. You also rolled from your back to your belly that day! We have spent a lot of this month getting ready for Christmas. You and I have shopped a few days, though I've done most of the shopping online this year. We went to get our real Christmas tree at Valley Christmas Tree Plantation. You slept the entire time we were there. The next morning you woke up with your first cold. We visited Dr. Cartwright twice because I was so concerned with your cough, but both times he reassured us that it was a nasty cold. That cold has thrown your night sleeping off completely. You aren't going to bed until later, and are waking up around 3 a.m. again. Most days you still get up around 6 a.m. and don't want to go back to bed. You are sleeping better during the day most days, and get at least one good nap. You have stayed with daddy a night, Aunt Mandy and Maeleigh a night, and Nonna. We've watched Auburn beat Alabama in the last second of the Iron Bowl, and then win the SEC Championship. You really like the action of a football game! We've taken pictures with Santa daddy and attended Brennan's church Christmas program. You love to play in your bouncy seat and on your playmat for short times. You've also tried out the exersaucer. You have started to lose quite a bit of hair, but what you have is getting longer. Otherwise, your size and looks haven't changed a whole lot this month. A year ago yesterday Daddy and I found out you would be joining our family, and we are loving every minute of you being here!

The lion is your favorite toy! You love to pet him, but if he gets too close (i.e. you pull him into your lap) you scream until someone moves him away. 

Brother introducing you to the world of Planes.

The day we went to get our Christmas tree it was almost 80 degrees. You wore a sweet little short bubble suit with smocked santas, that I didn't think you would possibly get to wear this season without lots of blankets. It turned out you slept the entire time, and this is the only picture I got. 

You obviously disapprove of daddy's attire! Especially since this was during the SEC Championship game between Auburn and Missouri. No, he wasn't harboring any resentment ;). 

Brother wanted to be in the picture too. By the way, he is going through a phase of only wanting to wear pajamas that rarely match.

This is a face we are seeing less and less of these days!

November 28: First Thanksgiving, rolled over back to front
November 30: Iron Bowl
December 5: Christmas tree farm
December 6: First cold
December 15: Santa pictures with Daddy

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