Saturday, March 27, 2010

1, 2, 3,....Can You Believe?

Brennan is three months old! It has been another swift month, and the fun continues. He weighs about 14 lbs, and is about 24 inches long. One Sunday morning as I dressed him for church I was surprised to find that his Sunday shoes did not fit. He had worn them a week before, and now his foot wouldn't even go into them. I continue to be amazed at how fast he grows! Our best family time is first thing each morning. I'm finally learning to slow down in the mornings since I don't have to rush to work. When Brennan wakes up, Mike gets him and brings him to our bed. He is full of smiles and coos for us. We have a great time talking and laughing together. In the last week Brennan has also started to focus on Wells during that time. After Brennan comes in, Wells comes over to the bed and puts his head up by us. Brennan immediately turns his head and watches Wells. I think it's the beginning of a great relationship for a boy and his dog!

We have had several fun experiences this month. Brennan tagged along on a girls' trip to Cottontails in Birmingham. Mom, Mandy, Maeleigh, Brennan and I went for the day. He also was a trooper through a few consignment sales during the month. He has spent a few afternoons in the yard with me while I work on flower beds. He seems to enjoy hanging out, and especially sleeping, in his stroller out there. We had a play date with one of my childhood friends, Misty, and her three children this past week. He enjoys watching older children play. I bet he is storing up ideas for what he'll do one day! Every Sunday night he joins us for a small group gathering from church. There are around twenty children there, so he may have a lot of ideas by now! We have also made several visits to Nonna's antique store, Sweet Annie's. She is working to open it in April, so we check out her progress each week. Another highlight of the month was getting the web proofs of his newborn pictures. They really showed how fast he has grown and changed.

Our family has celebrated several birthdays this month. We went out to eat and suit shopping for his Uncle Ryan's birthday. Nonna's birthday dinner was at our house on the 18th, the same day we got a new dishwasher :). We had a great time celebrating Maeleigh's first birthday with his first children's birthday party on the 21st, and a family dinner on her birthday March 23rd. He dressed in green last weekend, and went to Evelyn's third annual St. Patrick's day party to celebrate his Irish heritage and name. Now we are preparing to celebrate Easter. He has a bright blue Easter bucket, and we took pictures in his Easter outfit last week.

Unfortunately, this weekend Brennan is battling his first cold. He is still all smiles and coos, though he sounds so pitiful with an icky cough and congestion. He has also begun to have moments that are not all smiles, and usually come at inopportune times! He went through a few days of wanting to eat every two hours, and sometimes more often. He would eat a whole bottle at each feeding. It took a little while for me to realize he must be going through a growth spurt, but he sure tried to tell me by screaming when he wanted to eat and I just wasn't getting it. Of course this mostly happened when we were out and about, like at those birthday parties and St. Pat's party. He has been so good at going places that I've become spoiled. Friday night reality set in. If you hear people around Hartselle talking about the screaming baby at the Freight House that night, it would be ours. We were out with friends, and he had been enjoying the experience. They were commenting on how laid back he was. Just after our food arrived he started to cry. It was bedtime, and much to my chagrin he has to cry first before he goes to sleep. I thought that was the problem so we got up to walk around. By the time I got to the restroom he was screaming. This continued for 30-45 minutes. People came to check on us, I had to send a waitress to our table to get the diaper bag, and finally he and I had to go to the car while Mike got a box for my food. We got home and he was all smiles again, ugh. I'm learning that as soon as I think I have things figured out, he will change them. Good thing I enjoy a challenge!

A few of his favorite things right now are: swinging with Mommy and neighbors on the front porch, playing in his room, singing the ABC song with Daddy, and talking and smiling at everyone. He doesn't like: having to go to sleep, having his nose cleaned, and having to wait to eat.

As you can see, the life of a three month old is SO busy!


  1. Hope Brennan gets to feeling better! Loved reading about his 3rd month--I always look forward to it :)

  2. Such a cute picture. Hope he is better soon.

  3. Poor Baby, I hope that he gets to feeling better soon! He is a doll...he is getting so big too. Hope that you guys have a great Easter!