Sunday, March 28, 2010

The Three Month Top Ten

What motherhood has taught me this month:

10. Colds are bad. Seeing your baby with a cold is so much worse.
9. For the first time in thirty years I did not have Spring Break, but every week in spring is great this year.
8. Pregnancy didn't really end three months ago. The spring/summer clothes still don't fit, and I might just be bald by summer at this rate.
7. Even three month olds enjoy time at home after a busy day.
6. Front porch swings are still popular gathering places.
5. Brennan sleeps most while we have guests, and will wake as soon as they leave.
4. A lot of projects can be accomplished during his afternoon nap.
3. A good nap can cure crankiness, even in Mommy and Daddy.
2. While dinners out are good, the boxed food is even better at home after wrestling a screaming baby for an hour in the restaurant.
1. Messy diapers can happen anytime, but most occur during dinner and just after I think the laundry is "done".

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