Thursday, March 18, 2010

I Love the Night Life!

Brennan is now 11 weeks old, and has settled into a good schedule most nights. While I look forward to the time he doesn't wake in the middle of the night at all, he only gets up once now for a feeding. He usually sleeps about five hours, wakes and eats, then sleeps another three to four hours. Every once in a while he likes to mix it up though, just to remind me how good he normally is I think. Last night he was a little mixed up. I put him down about 11:30 for what would normally be about five hours. Fifteen minutes later, while I'm enjoying a relaxing bath, Mike knocks on the door to say that B is screaming and he has already put his pacifier back in twice. I suggested he try and burp him. When I came out of the bath the picture above is what I found. So sweet, if it just hadn't been midnight! Brennan laid there for about twenty minutes staring at the book. Whereever Mike moved the book, B's eyes followed. I guess he just needed a goodnight story. He finally went to sleep, with a lot of comforting, about 1 a.m. I hope he didn't enjoy that experience too much. That won't be a habit.

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