Saturday, December 15, 2012

Fall Frenzy

I'm not sure why I stopped blogging regularly, or how I got so behind, but after looking back through I realized I have to catch up. Mostly for myself because this is our family yearbook, and so many great things have happened since I wrote last.

Brennan started preschool on September 4, 2012, the same day Mike started another new job with another wireless company. Brennan LOVES preschool, and Mike doesn't travel nearly as much so we all like that. Brennan goes two mornings a week. It has helped him become a little social butterfly, and has given me some time to volunteer at our church and do some work for my parents.

We enjoyed several of our fall rituals including:
1. Brennan's first Crimson Tide football game: He loved going, loved seeing Big Al before the game, watched the first minute, and then played with his Lightening McQueen, asked when we were leaving, and asked why we weren't yelling War Eagle the rest of the time. Yes, we were outed as a House Divided surrounded by Alabama fans. Luckily, they were all good sports and all enjoyed our little character.

2. Visited Tate Farms: Brennan really enjoyed it all this year. I think his favorites were the corn crib and the combine slides. 

We also added a few new events this fall:

A field trip with Brennan's preschool class to another pumpkin patch and farm.
He was much more interested in the John Deere tractor than the pumpkins.

A visit Brindley Mountain Fire Apparatus with my aunt and uncle. They repair and restore fire trucks and equipment. They host visits to their facility. It was a great little trip. They gave the children fire hats, showed them all types of trucks and equipment, and then gave us all a ride in a huge fire truck. Brennan also got to crank it and use the siren. 

A trip to the Botanical Gardens for Boeing's Give Back Day

This is pure Brennan, no coaxing what so ever. He is holding his "gold doubloon" he found in the dinosaur bone digging area I think.

Brennan was a pirate for Halloween, and really got into trick or treating this year. We went to a trunk or treat at my Mom's church, one at our church, and one neighbors house. He would have gladly kept going if I would have agreed.

We had planted zinnia seeds in July, and Brennan loved checking on them. He was amazed when they became taller than he was. 

There we go! A little bit of our three months of a wonderful fall!

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