Monday, December 24, 2012

Ho! Ho! Holidays!

It has been another fast, fun holiday season! It was nice to have the extra time with an early Thanksgiving, but as always the time has still flown by. Brennan had his first school Christmas program. I think we might have been a little more excited than he was about it. He did a great job. He stayed on stage, did not cry, and did participate every once in a while.

The second weekend of December we picked out our live tree. I tried to change things up and try a different tree farm, but it turned out there trees were closer to Brennan's height than Mike's. We ended up back at our usual spot, and found possibly the prettiest live tree we have had. It is a great shape and size, minus the fact it does lean a bit. Brennan loved helping cut the tree.

We all got to enjoy the Hartselle Christmas parade. Brennan enjoyed the waiting time and train that came by a few feet away from us just as much as the parade. He did like the band, fire trucks, and music. It was a great parade, so long that we didn't even make it through the whole thing.

One weekend we enjoyed a family Christmas party, a Sunday School party, and the church party at my Mom's church. My aunt and uncle were Santa and Mrs. Claus this year.

 Brennan enjoyed a little Christmas party at school. He had made the cutest ornaments to bring home, and a special present for Mike and I. When I found the present in his bag he instructed me that we couldn't open it until Christmas. Then tonight (Christmas Eve in case the date doesn't show that) after he opened his Christmas Eve gift he said,"I think we should open one more!" He went and got our gift, told us where to sit, and patiently waited for us to open it. He was so excited for us to see the hand print plate he had painted. So sweet!

The weekend before Christmas we made our annual trek to Santa's Village with friends. Brennan remembered the train display from last year, and his main goal was to find that train. We had a tearful departure from it, after at least five visits. He even skipped story time with Mrs. Claus to watch it a little more.

We've also spent a fair amount of time watching Christmas movies this season. Brennan's favorite, by far, is the Polar Express. He often calls it the big train movie. As we watch it for the third time today, he almost has it memorized. Thanks to this movie, he has decided that we have to have a star on the top of our Christmas tree. He has told me everyday for the last week that he doesn't like our reindeer topper and we must get a star. I'm good with that. I look forward to teaching him the meaning behind the star at Christmas.

Merry Christmas Eve everyone! We hope you have had a wonderful Christmas season!

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