Thursday, December 27, 2012


Brennan received his elf this year on December 1st. He wasn't overly excited to meet him. The elf did bring snowballs (powdered doughnuts) his first morning here, which he did like. Brennan touched him a few times, and refused to name him, so the elf had to stay with Santa an extra couple of days. That seemed to intrigue him, so when the elf returned he became a little more interested. One morning the elf was holding baby Jesus from our nativity set. When we came back into the room, the elf was across the room and Jesus was back in his manger. He never wanted him to play with any toys. He was excited to find him swinging from the ceiling, stuck in the cookie jar, asleep under the tree, riding the reindeer tree topper, watching movies, reading, and the numerous other events which he can name off to you if asked. Before he left with Santa on Christmas Eve, the elf left big boy underwear for Brennan and asked him to wear them everyday. That was good planning since Santa took all the diapers the next morning. Our elf never received a name this year, but he did become a fun part of our family.

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