Friday, December 28, 2012

Happy Birthday No. 3

Happy Birthday Brennan Abbott Swafford!

 December 28, 2009   5:49 p.m.   8 lbs. 11 ozs.    21 inches

December 28, 2012    5:49 p.m.   34 lbs.   About 36 inches

Brennan had a very big day with a lot of celebrating! He actually started the night before at my parents. We had dinner and cupcakes. This morning Mike and I went in and sang Happy Birthday to wake him up. When we finished his response was, "Merry Christmas!" He was very excited to find a few gifts on the dining room table. After a little play time, we headed to Nashville for the day. Our main stop was ICE, but when I told Brennan where we were going he asked if there would be a train. We started with lunch at Rainforest Cafe at Opry Mills. He loved the animals, the thunderstorm, and especially his birthday cake dessert. Afterward, he and I rode the little train around the mall. Then we went to ICE, or Cool Icing as Brennan called it all day. He liked all the scenes but was not a fan of the slide at all. He was excited to go down it, but had huge crocodile tears when we met him at the bottom.  We walked through the Opryland Hotel before heading home. His official birthday picture was taken at the end of our fun, long, no nap, day. We've asked him a few times if he has had a good birthday. His response each time is, "I'm not done yet." That is somewhat true. There is a party with friends to come, and he is still running wild tonight. 

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