Tuesday, December 15, 2009


Boys! Boys! Boys! The four legged ones struck again today. When I got home we had two plumbers that were at the house to check out our gas logs and heat. They had let themselves in at Mike's direction. Apparently Wells did not approve. While they went into the attic to check the heat, Wells pottied once again all around the house. He chose to stay on the hardwood this time, so at least it just meant mopping. He had not done this in over a year until last week, and now a second time already. Later I discovered that Buster stuck by his brother and pottied in his room also. That came after the attached picture. I think Wells might have chosen to stay on the hardwood so that I would stay out of the living room. There he was hiding his second surprise of the day. He had chewed the side of one bookcase in the living room. My granddaddy built these bookcases several years ago, and they were around long before Wells. He has never offered to bother them. He has, in his puppy days, chewed a few other items, but that was years ago. I was shocked to find his mess. Unfortunately, Granddaddy isn't doing woodworking anymore so I'll be looking for someone to repair this piece. In the mean time, Wells and Buster may be interviewing at boarding schools. They are lucky that I love them so much, but I have to say I'm questioning how I'm going to handle their antics when the little brother comes. In the mean time, it looks like they'll continue to provide plenty of practice in patience.

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