Wednesday, December 9, 2009

What a Week!

I've officially decided this week has whooped me already! It started OK on Monday. Tuesday was another story. Tuesday night was our PTO meeting, and the 5th graders performed. They did a great job, but it made for a very long day. Those days are the only time I really don't like working so far from home. I drove home in the pouring rain and high winds. I got home at 8:30 and spent a few minutes catching up with Mike, and was thinking of an early bedtime. About 9:00 Buster decided he wanted to go outside. When I opened the back door, the floor literally flooded. Rain was falling so hard it was running over the gutters, under the gutters, around the gutters, and into every crack and crevice it could find. Mike decided he should go out and check on things. Good thing he did! A couple of minutes later he called me to the basement to see if his office was flooded. Water had pushed debris over the drain outside the basement doors. The water had risen above the doors already. Luckily it had not come inside yet. He was able to uncover the drain and move the water before we had damage. He continued to fight water in the backyard for an hour or so. While there wasn't much I could do to help, I couldn't exactly go to sleep either, so it made for a late night. 

I thought maybe we would have a delay for flooding, but no such luck. Wednesday went well, but I was exhausted. All I wanted was to come home and lay down for awhile. I left school as soon as I could and came straight home. As soon as I walked up the stairs I knew something was not right. The boys had created their own flood! Wells had pottied all over the living room, dining room, and kitchen. He rarely ever has an accident, but when he does it is a huge mess. He gets so nervous that he just runs around while pottying. I guess Buster wanted to make him feel better, so he also pottied in his room. I wanted to just sit down and cry, but I sent them outside, messaged Mike to share the family news, and started mopping. Well, the house got a surprise cleaning including the carpets. Unfortunately, I didn't have any of my "nesting" energy to get it done. Now just two more days to finish this long week. Hopefully it will finish stronger than it has started. Right now I think I'll put my huge feet up and find something fun to watch. 

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