Friday, December 25, 2009

A Christmas to Remember

Merry Christmas! 
On a normal Christmas day for us there would not be time for blogging. This year everything is a little different. I've had time to sit and enjoy the snow/sleet/rain falling outside while listening to Christmas music, and watching Little Women. We kept our family tradition on Christmas Eve of going to my grandparents for supper and presents. I followed my "bed rest" orders by sitting as much as possible. As we left there, Mom reminded me that it would be my first Christmas Eve ever to not spend the night at their house. 

Today we woke up with an unusually slow paced day. Mike and I exchanged gifts, and enjoyed watching the boys play with their new squeaky toys. We took time to watch the snow fall and enjoy an Alabama white Christmas, even if nothing stayed white.  Mike's family came to our house this afternoon. He and his mom cooked and we exchanged presents.  Then we were off to my parents tonight. We were all too full to eat very much, but had a great time nibbling and opening presents. It was our niece's  first Christmas, and she has  been so much fun to watch.  It's also wonderful to think that this time next year paper will be flying at our house as our almost one year old has his first Christmas. It's been a great holiday season, even if it did go by very fast.

Tomorrow is our day back to the hospital. We are suppose to take our bags, so maybe we'll be staying. Brennan didn't make it for Christmas day, but hopefully by New Year's.

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