Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Changes Are A Comin'

This morning was our 38 week doctor's appointment. My doctor is off this week, so I saw one of the other doctors in the group. The appointment started with my weight being down a little, a good sign that we will have a baby soon. Then my blood pressure was up. After answering several questions, I had a lay down for a few minutes and then they checked again. The doctor came in immediately and said I had just gotten a ticket to labor and delivery. My blood pressure was still up and he wanted more tests to see what was going on. He thought there was a good chance we would be staying. I went over, had blood work, found out I was actually having contractions but couldn't feel them, and got the results that I seemed to be preeclamptic again. The nurse didn't want me to drink anything or even have ice because she wasn't sure how soon the doctor would want to do something, or what might be coming. To all of our surprise I think, the doctor on call came in and said I could go home and stay on the sofa. He said if it weren't two days before Christmas and if I were 39 weeks he would probably keep me, but he would like to wait one more week if possible. Somehow these words didn't really gain my confidence given how fast this had happened again. On our way home the doctor I saw first called back to say he didn't want to wait that long. He wants us back Saturday morning, and suggested we bring our bags. In the meantime, I'm suppose to stay on the sofa as much as possible. I'm not real good at being still, or being taken care of so I'm told, so I'm glad it's only a few days. It will definitely be a Christmas to remember.

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