Saturday, December 5, 2009

Our Blog-Take Two

Well, after five months on hiatus I'm ready to blog again. I had planned to chronicle our progress on the house and my pregnancy. Unfortunately, both those events at once took priority and I haven't made any progress on blogging. With four weeks, or maybe less, to go before little Brennan Abbott arrives I want to get in the habit.

So to catch up: It's A Boy! Brennan Abbott is due on January 5th. We are so ready for him to get here. Mike's predicting December 15th for his early arrival. We have the nursery ready. Last weekend I bought a couple of 1st Christmas things just in case. Yes, I know I probably guaranteed him to come later but I couldn't resist any longer. My pregnancy has been relatively easy and uneventful. We did have an early hospital visit about three weeks ago because my blood pressure was up, but after hours of test our doctor decided everything was fine.

As for the house, we have gotten a lot of things back up to par. The yard looks much better with all the flower beds mulched and new shrubs. Mike has worked endlessly this fall on projects. The main rooms are painted. I think my eye for color has been a little off, so I'm ready to change a couple of rooms already. There have been several surprises along the way. The master bedroom had a leak in the front wall, so all the sheet rock had to be torn out. The carpet also had to go. It turned into a large project quickly, one that we will finish in the spring possibly. One Sunday afternoon there was a knock at the door. A man asked to leave his card for a tree trimming business. He noticed we had huge pecan trees that needed trimming. After taking his card, I went out back to join Mike and the boys at the pool. I was telling him about the guy when I noticed something looked strange. I walked around to the other side of the yard to find that the huge tree in the back had broken. A large limb was laying across our fence and in our neighbors yard. The tree trimming guy got his first job from us. We were actually very thankful he had stopped that day. He did a great job, was reasonably priced (if tree trimming can be that), and we were able to take care of the problem quickly to keep happy neighbors. The house is now on hold while we focus on becoming parents. I have two weeks and two days left of work, and will then be home for the semester. We'll start back once I'm back at work.

That's a little glimpse of what's gone on the last few months. More to come later!

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