Sunday, January 15, 2012

A Day in the Life of a Two Year Old

It's still hard to comprehend that we have a two year old! Brennan does remind us often though. He is so much fun, but such a handful at the same time. He wants to be independent most of the time, and meltdowns are a regular part of each day right now. Thankfully so are hugs, kisses, and I Love Yous! He is a very snuggly, affectionate little boy. He loves playing on his own with trucks, puzzles, and books. We are often asked if we would like to play trains with him. One of his favorite activities is parking all his vehicles. He lines them up in nice neat rows.  He is learning new words and phrases constantly. He has this little way he tilts his head and asks questions that just melts me. His favorite question at the moment is,"Where did that come from?" I never realized how hard that question could be to answer! A few Brennan highlights:

He is 34 1/2 inches tall and weighs 30 lbs. He wears 2T and 3T clothes and a size 8 shoe. We moved to size 5 diapers (because they had some on clearance at Walmart :) and they work well.

He is a picky eater at the moment. He still wants baby cereal for breakfast, just plain with no fruit. He loves peanut butter, chicken nuggets, grapes, bananas, apples, potato chips, green peas, chicken noodle soup, carrots, and macaroni and cheese. He loves all crackers and goldfish, a little more than I would like.

He still takes a pretty good nap each day, usually around 2 hours. He sleeps around 11 hours at night but still often wakes and needs to be settled back into bed. According to his doctor, this might be because he is so active during the day that his brain has trouble slowing down at night. Can you say EXHAUSTING! Because he's so active during the day, and doesn't sleep through the night, I think my brain has completely shut down!

He astounds me often with his vocabulary and how he knows how to use the correct words. One day I was fumbling through my purse obviously looking for something before we went into Chick-fil-a. He said,"You got a coupon Momma?" Yes I actually did, but have never gotten coupons out there before. He doesn't miss a thing, ever.

There are several changes we will begin working on when we return from Hawaii. He still takes a pacifier, mostly for sleeping but it does sneak in at other times too.He often looses them and then has a melt down. That's a habit I'm ready to break. He now tells me when he is going potty but doesn't want to use the big potty. When I ask him to he says,"No I use my diaper." I want to give potty training a try. He likes to be a big boy so I think he may do well.

Overall, I'd say parenting a toddler is a little more difficult than the baby days but it is also so exciting. I love watching him learn and grow! Our third year is off to a great start!

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