Thursday, January 5, 2012

Pinterest Photo Challenge #27 #24 #18

I'm joining Leanne in doing this Pinterest challenge. You post a photo a day from one of these categories throughout the month.

Since I'm getting a late start, I've chosen three for today.

#27 Lunch
Brennan had his two year checkup today, and did a great job, so he got to have his favorite lunch. Chick-fil-a is probably our most frequented restaurant at the moment. Good thing I like there nuggets too. These are actually his leftovers, since mine were quickly enjoyed.

#24 Guilty Pleasure
Ugh, more food  today I'm sorry to admit. I have a major weakness for Doritos! Someone left them New Year's Eve and they are the one junk food I haven't thrown out. I've only had a small handful (or two). 

#18 Something I Bought

A new top for Hawaii! I'm really looking for a cute sundress to take, but since time is ticking I brought home this top. I love the color and how it fits. I'm not sure exactly what I will wear it with. Any ideas? I know it would look good with white pants, but almost every top I'm taking goes with white pants so I'm trying to decide on something else. It looks like I might need to spend some time on Pinterst figuring it out :). Please let me know if you know where to find cute sundresses at reasonable prices right now!

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  1. I am glad that you are doing this too. We have the favorite eating spot. I love your top and cannot wait to read all about your trip.