Monday, January 16, 2012

Picture Post-Packing Up

#13 In Your Bag

Is anyone wondering how we plan to entertain a toddler for 10 hours on an airplane? We have a bag full! Trust me, I've put a lot of thought into it. I've been putting books and toys back since we found out in November that we would be going to Hawaii. I've also found some ideas on other blogs and websites. I finished loading Brennan's carry on bag last night after he went to bed, so everything we pull out will be a surprise. Many of the items he has never seen, and then some are his favorites that I'm sure he'll look for over the next few days. Mike got a really nice backpack somewhere, and all of it's pockets and padded straps make it perfect for this task.

It looks like a jumbled mess here, but that's an example of all I have.

 Brennan has loved these books from Chick-fil-a kid's meals, and wants to read them over and over. This is one thing I started putting away, so we have several that he hasn't seen yet. I like how light weight they are.

I found this activity on a website, and there are more similar to it on my Stay At Home Fun Pinterest board. It is to practice using buttons. He can button pieces of felt onto the ribbon. A button is sewn on one end, and a solid piece of felt is sewn on the other end. The other felt pieces are cut to fit the button.

He also has: seek and find books, trucks and cars in a bag, a wood board puzzle, a blank notebook and stickers, a Color Wonder set, a small magna doodle, a blanket and stuffed animal, and various snacks.

Our first flight is a two hour early morning trip. Then we have a layover, and then fly 8 hours to Hawaii. I hope some napping occurs during that time, and the layover will give us a chance to get some energy out. I think we will be ok. Any other suggestions?

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  1. I am sure that you are very excited about your trip. Good luck traveling.