Sunday, January 15, 2012

Picture Post #14

#14 Something You're Reading
I have two books that I'm reading weekly right now. Living the Lord's Prayer by David Timms is the book our Sunday school class is studying. It breaks the Lord's Prayer into phrases and talks about how to apply it to life today. We say the Lord's Prayer every week at church, but it is interesting to slow down and really think about it's relevance in our Christian walk.

 Last week I started a new study with a Wednesday night group. We are reading Dr. James Dobson's Essentials of Discipline. This topic came along at a pertinent time for us with a two year old, and I'm looking forward to getting to know other parents at church since we haven't been there that long. Not too surprisingly, most of the parents attending have toddlers. So far we've talked about why we discipline. As a teacher, I know discipline in masses and I know some tricks for the ages I've taught. The biggest difference I'm finding with my own child is that it is 24/7, and being consistent 24/7 can be exhausting. It will be great to hear other perspectives during this study.

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