Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Bathroom Update

I have a whole list of projects I want to get done inside before the weather gets nice outside and I'm super busy out there. I started to feel a little panicked when we got back from Hawaii and the weather was so nice, and all of our flowers were springing up already. I've lived in Alabama pretty much my whole life, so I'm very familiar with crazy winters and spring snows and such. I still found myself kicked into high gear feeling I've got to get on these inside projects. Last week I worked on some organizing and such.

Yesterday, I started working on our downstairs bathroom.

In the Beginning

 It had not been touched since we moved here 2 1/2 years ago. It had thick wallpaper, worn out vinyl flooring, and a bright blue counter top with two large mirrors over it. This bathroom is right off the playroom. It is used most when we have play dates here, and in the summer when people come in from the pool. My first step was taking down the wallpaper. I've had a terrible experience with this task in the past, so I was very apprehensive. At my last house, they had not primed or painted  behind the wallpaper in my master bath. When I took down the paper, or I should say when my poor cousins were wrangled into taking down the paper (yeah, I still owe them for that), it ruined the drywall. Today's task went much better! Hallelujah!

This paper had paint behind it! I sponged Diff wallpaper remover onto the wall, pulled off the top layer, sponged Diff on again, and then scrapped and pulled off the paper backing. The first layer pretty much came off in full sheets, and the second layer came off in mostly large pieces.  I couldn't believe the difference! It still took awhile, about 4 hours, but WOW it is done.

One Step Down

Now to decide what color to paint and how to decorate! The fun part! I'm really drawing a blank on what I want to do though. I can keep the dark blue counter, not a color I would pick but I think it has possibility, or try painting it. My dilemma is whether to go with a bright fun room or a serene spa feel. On the one hand it is used a lot by kids, on the other it has a Jacuzzi tub that I use on rare occasions. Hmm, any ideas, suggestions, insight? What color would you use if you were doing a bath right now? Any good pins I should check out? It's really a blank slate, so I would love some ideas!

 Should it stay or should it go?

It's definitely going. Should I try stick down tile? Any experiences?

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  1. I am sure that whatever you decide to do with it, it will look great. Since it is beside the playroom, I think it would be easy to go in that direction. A lady that I go to church with used the stick on tiles and her floor looked great.