Monday, February 13, 2012

Happy V Day!

Tomorrow's the big day! I'm one of those people that loves Valentine's day, or at least I love getting ready for Valentine's day. I've had some fun this year. Last week, I packed a few Valentine surprises in Mike's bag to start a seven day countdown to Valentine's. Unfortunately, I ran out of time to make the cute tags and decorations for the bags I had planned, so it was definitely the thought that counted. I got the idea from Pinterest, of course, and chose items that he would appreciate (like the Bounce bar because he has wanted to try it for awhile and I thought it was kind of expensive).

I have one more surprise for tomorrow! It's another little Pinterest inspired project that I think he'll like. Brennan and I also made some Valentines for him to hand out. He mostly put stickers on other paper while I made them, but he's super excited about them. He gave them to his Sunday school teachers yesterday, and will give them to some family friends at lunch tomorrow. He goes with Nonna and Papa to eat at our friends' store most Tuesdays.
They are Moon Pies with the tag attached. By the way, if you haven't tried the mint Moon Pie crunch they are very yummy.

Happy Valentine's Day!

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