Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Updates On Our Updates

Yes, I'm still here! Working away on two bathrooms and a bedroom now.

The guys had the work on our bedroom and bathroom done in two days. They did a fabulous job, and I'm in love with our new windows. They replaced two windows, reconstructed a wall, took out our bathroom door, and fixed up several spots of drywall and trim. Now the real fun begins for us. Our to do list:
  1. paint bedroom including the brick wall and trim
  2. paint bathroom (walls only)
  3. hang chandelier in bathroom
  4. hang mirror light in bathroom
  5. hang mirror
  6. hang chandelier in bedroom
  7. purchase and hang new fan in bedroom
  8. purchase and schedule install of new flooring in bathroom and closet
  9. purchase storage cabinet for bathroom
  10. finish paint treatment on bedroom floor
  11. sew window treatments and pillows for bedroom
  12. purchase new bedding
  13. purchase blind for bathroom
  14. purchase and hang barn door track and door on bathroom 
  15. stuff and fluff with the pretty stuff
  16. hang new light in closet
  17. move in!
No, that's not the order it will all happen in. I'm sure some of those purchases will happen soon, and many others over the next few months. So far I've lucked up on several great deals, like a $20 yard sale chandelier. My next step is painting. Hopefully, I'll have some progress pictures next week.

As for the downstairs bathroom that I started a couple of weeks ago, it is almost done. I've finished painting, found a mirror, and put it all together. I just have to finish putting down the new flooring, that had been sold out at Lowe's ever since I found it. The floor has turned out to be a bigger job than I expected. So far I love it all! I think that Jacuzzi tub may get more use now that the room is so inviting.

A reminder of before: large mirrors, brown wallpaper, worn out floor, brass knobs on cabinet, and if you look closely through the mirror reflection you'll see a hole beside the light switch.

After: clean grey/tan walls, beige stone vinyl tile floor, brushed nickel knobs, the hole in the wall is drywalled over, one modern mirror, and a few fun accessories. I still want to add a few more accessories once I get the floor done. It isn't perfect, but so much better for so little money.

Welcome to the 21st century little bath! 

Walls: Lowes Valspar Kitchen and Bath in Oatbran
Floor: Lowes vinyl stick down tile in Beige Stone

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  1. Looking great. Cannot wait to see more. The bathroom floor is amazing.