Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Two Plus Two

Brennan is 2 years and 2 months old today. He is so funny, talkative, polite, rambunctious, and loving. One of my favorite moments is when he comes over and says, "Give me kiss!" I also love all the moments when he is polite. He likes to say, "Thank you very much!" He still confuses excuse me and sorry, but he uses them both often. Don't get me wrong, he has also been known to sit on a friend or throw toys at people. That's part of why those polite moments feel so good. He is into things being perfect and funny. He has gone around announcing that each situation is perfect the last few days. He drew with a bath crayon, and then said, "Look I draw a star, it's perfect."  He will laugh at something, and then turn to me with a straight face and ask, "Is that funny Mommy?" A saying we hear often is, "Don't say that!" These three little words get him in trouble pretty often. When I say no to something, that is how he will often respond, and sometimes in a very ugly voice.He likes to go around saying "argh" like a pirate.  He talks all the time!

Watching television in Daddy's chair

Sharing Daddy's blanket with Wells. Yep, that hair is great on fleece.

Praying? Pooping? Resting? I'm never really sure, but he does this occasionally.

Reading Goodnight Moon to his buddy Wells

This month he has given up his pacifier. It started with me forgetting to pack one when he stayed with Mom and Dad one day. I don't think that was a pleasant day, but they made it. He did get one that night for bed, but the next morning when he woke up they were all "broken". I had cut the nipple off of all but one that was hidden far, far away. At nap time that day, he held a broken one and cried for a little while but finally gave up. The same thing happened at bedtime, and he didn't sleep very well.  After that first day, he would occasionally ask for one and I just reminded him they were broken. He did fuss a little, but nothing like I had feared. He also began sleeping through the night! If I had known the paci could be why he woke up, I would have taken it long ago. The sleeping hasn't been perfect but much better at least. He does get up earlier now, and doesn't nap as regularly as before.He also doesn't rub our ears as much when he is sleepy. He has replaced that with wanting to be tickled/rubbed.  Just like me, he likes to have his feet, back, belly, or hands rubbed while he relaxes. Next, we are on to potty training. He is interested, but it doesn't seem like he's quite ready yet. He has discovered television. He likes to watch Thomas and Bob the Builder the most. I'm not a fan of how zoned out he becomes when he watches, so we definitely have limited viewing. He loves to go to Poger (Kroger) to drive the car, and Lowes also. He still tolerates shopping pretty well most days. One day recently we had run many errands. We were at our last stop and he was tired. As I parked the car he started shouting, "Stop music, stop music, my mommy is going to open the door and you'll stop!" I was surprised that he had made the connection that the music stopped when the door opened. He doesn't miss a thing that happens. Our days are quite eventful, but never dull. He is such a fun little guy! It seems like he is changing so fast that it is hard to keep up.

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