Sunday, February 5, 2012

Super Bowl Sunday

It's that great day of the year we anxiously await! Hilarious commercials, great food, crazy half-time performances, and oh yeah--football. I love college football, but don't care that much about the NFL. Mike loves the NFL so we do watch every week, but it never matters too much to me who ends up in the Super Bowl. I would have had to stop and think if you had asked me today who was playing, but I have had the date marked on the calendar for awhile. We usually celebrate with friends. Today, this was our guest:

Miss Lola Kilgore-Coffey
She's vacationing with us for a few days, and being such a good girl.

Mike has been traveling a lot, and was gone all last week, so we had already talked about having a quiet family night. Then he came home Friday with Strep Throat, so that sealed the deal. That didn't stop us from having good food and enjoying. I made a family favorite, stuffed shells. I just stuff mozzarella, ricotta, and Parmesan into jumbo shells and cover them with spaghetti sauce. I also made Ghirardelli brownies with chocolate icing and some M&M's on top. All with the calories taken out of course!

This little guy enjoyed the paper while he watched the game.

Congratulations Giants fans!

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