Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Oh, That Boy!

I have a feeling I may be saying that often in the coming years! After Brennan's oatmeal dinner last night (I know.  I'm Mom of the Year), he brought his backhoe into the dining room to clean up the "dirt", otherwise known as dropped oatmeal pieces. Much to his disappointment I had beaten him to it. After trying to reason that the mess being gone was a good thing,  I went back to cleaning the kitchen. In a few minutes he came in to report in his matter of fact tone, "I find some dirt." Well, when you hear those words you should probably investigate. I was sort of in my own little world and didn't think much of it though. A few minutes later he came back to remind me of his great find. He had found dirt alright, the dirt from the pot of tulips in the middle of the table! He had Spanish moss and dirt in his backhoe bucket and all over the table. Luckily, he had dug around the edge of the pot so the flowers were spared. I wish I had grabbed the camera before cleaning up. I think he is going to love the great outdoors this spring!

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